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Why Affable Funding LLC?

It has been said that the new American dream is starting and owning your own successful business! As of this writing there are over 30 million businesses in the United States alone. And that number continues to increase at an accelerated rate. People are tired of the office politics, not being paid what they are worth and basically asking permission to go on a two week vacation once a year. Affable Funding LLC is a funding solutions company located in Fairbanks, AK that specializes in funding new businesses and established businesses nationwide. We are experts at finding solutions for people who are in the market to funding business ventures, purchasing equipment, real estate investments and much more. Do you have an e-commerce business such as Amazon and you are looking for funds to acquire inventory for growth? We can get you funded. Our diverse team has experience with all types of scenarios, and we understand how to make each transaction simple and stress free.

Let Us Address Your Need

If you are a business entity or investor that has a need for funding regarding a purchase of medical equipment for a specific department, clinic or village, we have the resources to fund that need. If you are a Manufacturing company and you have a mission requirement that is to be completed in 6 months and a major part of the assembly line just went down. We have the resources to fund that need. Perhaps there is a vacant commercial building in good condition that recently became available that has a compatible price point that you would very much like to add to your portfolio. We have the resources to fund that need. Perhaps you may have circumstances making it difficult to obtain a conventional loan, such as credit problems, property held in probate , private trust or divorce. We have access to resources that assist in moving forward despite those type of challenges. It’s no secret – Private money/ alternative lending is the new normal. When working in the real estate industry, the technology for analyzing and locating property that was once only in the hands of corporations, is now available to all levels of investors. The competition at times is fierce and speed is often times the difference. Which is why sources of private money/ alternative lending is more mainstream now than ever before. Real Estate acquisitions in your town are being purchased from investors both in your local market and across the country faster than ever before. Private money / alternative lending keeps you positioned to move with superior timing and provides you with a competitive edge in the business marketplace. On average we can can complete a loan in as little as 3 weeks. Our goal is to find a solution that provides a WIN – WIN solution for all.

What Makes Us Different

We offer multiple superior funding options for Start Up Businesses! Start a business with an introductory entrance rate at an amazing 0% Interest Credit Line at 9 – 15 months up to $150,000! Average time period – funded within 3 weeks! Unsecured Personal Term Loan up to $100,00 – (Unsecured meaning “No Collateral Required”) – deposited to bank account. Average time period – funded within 2 weeks! Another option is the IRA/401K Loan – from a previous employer with no credit or income criteria needed. SBA 7a – good for a brick-and-mortar business. Works well with Franchises or buying an established business. Equipment Startup and more! The first step is to request and submit a pre qualification form. Contact us today.

Millions of Dollars to Fund Your Deal

We are a Private Money / Alternative Lending Funding Marketplace with access to Millions of Dollars to Fund your transaction. We specialize in funding new start up businesses, established businesses, equipment for businesses, inventory for E-Commerce, Real Estate investments, Software Projects, authorized CBD business operations and much more. We have the resources to fund airplane purchases, jet engines, bush planes, Manufacturing operations, equipment and more. We are excited about the opportunity to work with you. If you have additional questions please contact us below.

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